What to Think About When Finding an IVF Doctor

Before choosing the best IVF doctor to treat your Infertility, you need to know a lot about Infertility and IVF.

What Is Infertility?

If a woman has sex every month for at least a year without getting pregnant, she may have problems getting pregnant. Most studies show that the following are the most common causes of Infertility:

  • Male infertility-related issues (30–35% of cases)
  • Female Infertility related issues (30-35% Cases)
  • A combination of the above two factors (30–35% of cases)

What Is IVF?

The Short Form, The acronym IVF, stands for in-vitro fertilization. Creating a healthy embryo in a lab is known as IVF. It can be inserted into a woman’s uterus to induce pregnancy.

During IVF, female eggs and male sperm are mixed in a test tube to keep the same conditions that happen naturally in a woman’s uterus. The healthy sperm chosen for IVF bonds to the mature eggs throughout this phase.

How to Choose the Best IVF Doctor Clinic?

Every couple struggling with Infertility should speak with a reputable IVF specialist to improve the chances of IVF working and avoid a situation where IVF didn’t work. Choosing the best IVF treatment is difficult without researching the best IVF doctor and the best IVF centre.

To choose the best IVF doctor, every couple should take into account the following five considerations:

  • Doctor Qualifications: Before beginning IVF treatment, every couple should research the qualifications of the IVF doctor. If they have chosen to get together, only IVF specialists with an MBBS, MD, and super specialization in IVF should be seen, ideally.
  • Experience as a doctor: You must visit an IVF., a medical professional with 18 to 20 years of IVF experience and at least 1000 IVF cycles under their belt. A couple should choose the best IVF centre based on verified IVF experience rather than advertising claims. The Best IVF doctors have never run advertisements since the Medical Council of India forbids it.
  • IVF Success Rate: Depending on the causes of Infertility, IVF typically has a success rate of between 25 and 50%. However, the success rate for the Best IVF Doctors in the World is often about 70%.
  • Reviews and patient testimonials: It is straightforward to obtain patient evaluations and ratings about the IVF doctor and the clinic, thanks to the digital environment in which we all live. A 4 Plus Star Rating is often given to India’s Best IVF Doctors.
  • Ethics & Integrity: When it comes to an IVF doctor’s and an IVF centre’s dedication to ethics and compliance, one must exercise extreme caution. Only IVF clinics that uphold the highest standards of ethics and transparency should be selected.

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