Small Business Offer an Employee Health & Wellness Plan

Small business are vital to the fabric of communities. They provide essential services, encourage physical activity, create jobs, keep housing costs stable, bring diversity, help the economy, strengthen social ties, and more.

Small Business Provide Access to Health Services

In places that don’t have enough health and wellness services, small businesses are often the only ones to offer them. This means they are responsible for ensuring that these services are available to those who need them most.

Small businesses like health clinics and stores that sell medical supplies give people access to essential services that would be hard to get or too expensive to pay for otherwise.

Small Business Promote Physical Activity

Health Fitness says that small businesses also help encourage physical activity in their communities by giving people access to fitness centers and other fun activities. People will more likely stay active and healthy if memberships or classes are affordable.

In addition, many small businesses also sponsor community sports teams or activities such as 5K races or bike rides that encourage people in their community to stay physically active.

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Small Businesses Create Jobs That Support Families

Small businesses are important because they offer competitive job opportunities that help families stay afloat. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over the past 25 years, small businesses have generated 12.9 million new jobs.

Small business owners also make it possible for people to make ends meet and have enough money for healthcare or childcare costs. This helps ensure that families in their communities have the tools they need to do well.

Small Business Help Stabilize Housing Costs

When people rent from a small business, they get a safe, affordable place to live without worrying about the rising housing costs that come with owning a home.

People in need can have a roof over their heads if rental options exist for those who can’t afford to buy a traditional home.

Small Business Bring Diversity

Small businesses give people access to essential services and help stabilize housing costs. They also make their communities more diverse by providing small businesses owned by people of colour the same chances of success as large, well-known companies.

By supporting minority-owned businesses, small business owners make the world a more welcoming place where everyone has the same chance to succeed, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Small Business Stimulate the Economy

The economic impact of small businesses on local economies is undeniable. They help the economy grow by putting money into local markets and creating jobs and opportunities to invest.

They also provide goods and services at competitive prices, which helps keep costs low for consumers while increasing profits for entrepreneurs.

Small Business Strengthen Social Ties

Zapnito says that small business owners help strengthen social ties in their communities by making connections between customers, employees, and other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs from different industries can unite under one roof at networking events or shared workspaces like co-working spaces or incubators. They all have the same goal: to grow their startups into profitable businesses.

Help Better Your Community

We often underestimate the impact seemingly insignificant things like starting a new business can have on our local communities. But when done right, these actions can lead to positive effects across multiple sectors, including health and wellness.

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