Is CBD Effective in Lowering Blood Pressure?

CBD Effective in Lowering Blood Pressure

Studies show that CBD may benefit people with high blood pressure. When it comes to the use of CBD, many individuals credit it with everything good that has ever happened in their lives. Based on anecdotal evidence, you might believe that CBD makes you beautiful and wealthy and transforms your bodily fluids into pure gold.

Studies on CBD are still in their early phases, but a large amount of evidence suggests that people aren’t far off the mark when they claim that CBD makes them feel happier or less worried, as reported by many people. CBD may affect your blood pressure, but it is unlikely to function as you believe it will.

The FDA Consensus on CBD vs Public Uses for CBD

The FDA has only approved CBD for treating some severe seizure disorders, and this is the only indication for which it has been approved. They have not approved CBD for any other use, including the treatment or cure of other diseases like hypertension.

It does not necessarily imply that they are not telling the truth. It simply means that, for the time being, most doctors will recognize and recommend FDA-approved drugs rather than CBD to treat your health concerns.

Using CBD with a well-researched and licensed medication may provide natural relief, but it should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

Difference between CBD and THC

CBD and THC are both found in cannabis, albeit on various levels, and have different effects on the body. Most marijuana contains significantly more THC than CBD, and marijuana with considerably more CBD is commonly referred to as hemp.

Because CBD and THC interact with the body in distinct ways, they will not have the same effects when consumed in conjunction with one another. THC has its risks and potential benefits unique to CBD.

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CBD and Heart Health

According to some studies, THC can potentially impair the cardiovascular system, particularly when smoked. Smoking can potentially harm your heart and lungs, regardless of what you are smoking. Even though CBD can be smoked, most individuals prefer to consume it as pills or sublingual tinctures, which they utilize as wellness items.

A study on CBD in mice discovered that when CBD is used alone, it may have cardioprotective effects. According to the findings of the study, CBD may have the capacity to reduce harmful cardiac consequences associated with diabetes.

Unlike humans, mice do not self-administer and are frequently given much higher quantities of cannabis than would be used in human trials, all of which take place in a highly controlled environment. We need more human studies before we can draw definitive conclusions about what CBD can and cannot do to promote heart health. We also need more studies on animals.

The fact that cannabinoids are immunomodulators with the potential to reduce human inflammation has been established. Reducing inflammation has increased blood flow, which may be advantageous to the heart in some circumstances.

The effects of CBD on blood pressure

Carbon dioxide exposure has been shown to increase blood pressure. Smoking CBD would likely result in carbon monoxide inhalation, harming the user. The capacity of CBD delivered orally to cause relaxation is being investigated, and when the body is relaxed, the blood pressure may naturally fall.

This is only true if an upset, emotional state induced the heightened blood pressure in the first place. As a result of becoming angry, anxious, or disturbed, your blood pressure may rise. At the time, just a few trustworthy studies directly demonstrated that CBD could lower resting blood pressure in healthy individuals.

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The notion that CBD can lower blood pressure when it rises in reaction to an external source of stress is supported by a study conducted in the United Kingdom. The individuals in the study were in good health and had no disorders related to high blood pressure. It can alleviate emotional tension by removing yourself from a stressful situation and engaging in a calming activity, allowing your body to return to a more relaxed condition.

CBD for people with normal Blood Pressure

In persons who already have normal blood pressure, CBD taken orally appears to have no harmful effect on the level of that pressure. It is unnecessary to be concerned about dangerous medication interactions if you are not currently using any prescription medications and wish to incorporate CBD into your regular wellness practice.

Adverse events and side effects are possible with CBD use. However, they are most often caused by ingesting too much carrier oil, which is rare. The CBD compound itself is generally well tolerated by the majority of people.

Final Thoughts

CBD has been shown to lower blood pressure in certain people. However, it cannot directly treat high blood pressure disorders. If your heart races when you’re upset or anxious, some evidence suggests that CBD may assist you in relaxing and relaxing more.

The situation is quite different if you are experiencing health problems due to your elevated blood pressure. Follow the instructions provided by your doctor.

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