6 Best Antioxidant Rich Drinks For Immunity

There can be a sea of beverages competing for your attention as you go down the beverage aisle. The variety of options might be dizzying, ranging from vitamin-rich effervescent juices to fiber-rich sodas to waters with flavours reminiscent of dessert.

But in this varied (and expanding) terrain, there are also a plethora of other centuries-old beverages that are antioxidant rich drinks. We’ll go over what antioxidants are below and provide the top six antioxidant rich beverages so you may enjoy them all.

What Are Antioxidants?

Free radicals are dangerous intruders that may destroy our bodies’ cells and cause illness. Antioxidants are substances that function to defend against these invaders. Unstable molecules known as free radicals are created by our bodies or absorbed from the environment (such as smoking and pollution). They may harm healthy cells when their levels rise too high, which might result in major health issues.

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Antioxidants may be found in a variety of nutrient-dense and delicious foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and even some of our favourite drinks. We can maintain the strength and health of our bodies’ internal defences by include certain foods and beverages in our diet.

6 Best Antioxidant Rich Drinks

Green Tea

Tea has been a popular beverage for centuries and is one of the most consumed in the globe. Green tea is by far my favourite antioxidant beverage, according to registered dietitian and diabetes care and education expert Erin Davis, M.S., RDN, CDCES. “The plant chemicals in green tea, notably catechins, have been discovered to have anti-cancer qualities, lower blood sugar, and protect the nervous system,” says Davis in further detail.

Remember to squeeze a little lemon into your cup, whether you like it hot or cold. Studies indicate that incorporating citrus juice, such as lemon, into green tea may improve your body’s absorption of its antioxidants.

For your information, we will offer the Nutrition Journal’s extensive list of thousands of meals and beverages with antioxidant values (calculated in millimoles per 100 grams) for the drinks we suggest below. An ounce and a half, or 100 grams, of green tea has an antioxidant level of 1.5 mmol.

Seeking a peaceful cup of tea? Taste our Calm Ginger-Lemon Tea. In need of a revitalizing boost? Try this recipe for an energy drink.

Pomegranate Juice

The brilliant red fruit, which originated in modern-day Iran and India, is a favourite beverage of registered dietitian nutritionist Marie Spano, M.S., RD, CSCS, CSSD, since it is high in antioxidants. “To maximize the fruit’s potential antioxidant benefits, polyphenols from the rind, pith, and arils are extracted into the juice to make 100% pomegranate juice,” the speaker adds. Furthermore, she states that a research found that 100% pomegranate juice is more potent in antioxidants than red wine, Concord grape juice, or green tea.

Pomegranate juice, which has an antioxidant concentration of 2.1 mmol in a 3.5-ounce portion, may be consumed by itself, blended into smoothies, or mixed up to make mocktails.

Grape Juice

Not a big lover of red wine, but in need of an antioxidant boost? Many of the same polyphenols found in grape juice, such as resveratrol, function as potent antioxidants and lower the risk of heart disease, according to Davis.

Not enough credit is given to grape juice for having an abundance of beneficial antioxidants. It also won’t cause hangovers or other unpleasant alcohol-related side effects, unlike red wine. Antioxidants in a 3.5-ounce portion equal 1.2 milligrams.Try our Grape-Pineapple Mint Fizz recipe or just enjoy grape juice chilled, over ice.

Hot (and Iced) Chocolate

Chocolate enthusiasts may also grin about this. Antioxidants abound in cocoa, and the more cocoa % you choose, the more antioxidants you will ingest.

According to Spano, “Regular consumption of hot or cold chocolate made with cocoa can help improve blood flow, boost cognitive function, and lower blood pressure.” Cocoa flavanols are the cause of these advantages. Select non-alkalized cocoa powder (not Dutch processed) to get the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols in the powder.

A 3.5-ounce glass of milk and chocolate has 0.37 mmol in it.Grab a cup of our nutritious hot chocolate recipe to stay warm, or try our healthy iced chocolate drink recipe, which involves whisking a few spoons of unsweetened cocoa with your preferred milk and serving it over ice.


One beverage that many of us believe we must have first thing in the morning is one of the largest sources of antioxidants in the diets of many individuals. “Your favourite morning drink might be doing more for you than just getting you out of bed,” says Davis. Chlorogenic acid, a plant chemical with anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity properties, is abundant in coffee.

A 3.5-ounce serving of espresso provides 14.2 mmol of antioxidants, compared to 2.5 mmol in a 3.5-ounce cup of filtered coffee, if you like espresso-based beverages like latte, cappuccino, or americano.You may benefit from the antioxidant properties of coffee beans whether you want your coffee cold, hot, black, or with a splash of milk.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is one drink that often appears at the breakfast table, and for good reason. Orange juice is a great source of vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavonoids, which are abundant in antioxidants. As Spano notes, oJ also includes hesperidin, a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic qualities.

The orange’s skin and membranes contain the majority of the hesperidin. One of the finest dietary sources of hesperidin is 100% orange juice, which is made from pressed oranges, which extracts hesperidin from the peel, pulp, and membranes.

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Antioxidants in 3.5 ounces of orange juice are 0.64 mmol.Enjoy this refreshing glass of sunlight or use it to make our Whipped Frozen Creamsicle or Green Smoothie drink recipes.


Drinks, such as well-known ones like orange juice, coffee, green tea, and hot chocolate, may provide a significant amount of antioxidants in your diet. Give in to the simplicity and nutrition of these one-ingredient marvels and forego the expensive, health-marketed bottled (or canned) beverages.

Throughout the week, consuming a range of these beverages together with wholesome meals is a delightful and healthful approach to meet your antioxidant needs.


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